Flower Power Thursday Christmas Special

Flower Power Thursday Christmas Special

Flower Power Thursday Christmas Special

Hello it’s been a little quiet on the blogging front from me… well I think we all get a little swamped with the Christmas rush and push. So as I have missed a couple of Thursdays I thought I would blog about a selection of flowers,berries etc that are available for winter wedding flowers and displays.

First up is Alstroemeria

Also known as lily of the Incas or Peruvian Lily. Alstroemeria is native to South Africa but they are grown in many countries all over the world and are available all year. There are many varieties of colour from pale soft pastels to the bold and bright colours. They are also long lasting therefore making them a good choice for wedding flowers.

a bunch of dark pink Alstroemeria in bud
a bunch of dark pink Alstroemeria in bud
Next up is Lisianthus

Lisianthus also known as the Prairie Rose
A bell ruffled bell shape seems to be the perfect description for this beauty. It’s available in many colours from soft and pale to the strong and bold statement colours. This lovely bloom I feel would add a rustic and romantic feel to any of your wedding flowers, a winner all round.

hand held bunch of Lisianthus also known a Prairie rose

Spray Rose – Red

The Spray rose is a tiny delicate rose with several roses on one stem, there are over 60 different varieties to choose from. They make a fabulous wedding bouquet filler adding that cottage garden feel to your wedding flowers. This one a gorgeous Christmas red.

hand held bunch of red spray roses
hand held bunch of red spray roses
Ilex Berries

Ilex berries – small round red berries that cluster along stiff branches. use them on their own for a very modern look or statement arrangement, or perhaps mix them with flowers to add a lush red and texture….. Oh so very Christmassy.

Red Ilix berries
Red Ilix berries
Hypericum Berries

Also known as St Johns Wort
The Hypericum berries change in colour starting as green berries then to peach, red then dark burgundy well perhaps I should say black, For a seasonal look the red hypericum berries are perfect their glossy red berries mix perfectly with your winter flowers.

Red and peach Hypericum berries
Green peach and red Hypericum berries

Anthurium a modern show stopper, a tropical flower available all year round. Use on their own for an ultra modern look or mix with other flowers to slightly soften the look.

a bunch of white Anthurium
Leucadendran Pubescen

I have to admit I’ve struggled to find info on this unusual foliage however it originates from South Africa. The silver looking cone on the end of the soft spiked stems is actually the flower. This unusual foliage would make a lovely alternative to fir cones.

Leucadendran pubescen

Parvifolia Eucalyptus

The Parvifolia Eucalyptus has a dainty pointed fragrant leaf giving your wedding flowers texture and movement, a great mixer would probably go with any flower.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog… and as always thanks to Voila for providing the flowers and yes there is lots and lots of inspiration over on my Pinterest board.
Kirsten xx

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