Flower Power Thursday Feverfew

Flower Power Thursday Feverfew

Tanacetum Single Vegmo

More commonly known as Feverfew

I love flowers but to be honest I know more about wild flowers than cultivated. So I have teamed up with the lovely ladies from Voila florist in Clitheroe¬†to learn a little more. The first flower I have chosen to chat about is Feverfew or to be correct Tanacetum Single Vegmo a daisy like flower. This gorgeous flower makes a stunning bouquet on its own, a lovely fresh countryside look or add a little hessian and lace for an instant rustic feel. Feverfew can also be used to soften and lift a bouquet that uses mixed flowers. I’ve started a Pinterest board for my ‘Flower Power Thursday’ have a look to see how Feverfew has been used in Bouquets , buttonholes and vases for table displays – hope you feel inspired.

A bit of info plus hints and tips

Tanacetum single flower native to the Northern Hemisphere is a daisy like flower and can be found all year round but mainly April to September.

Care – cut stems with a sharp knife on 45 degree angle. Put in a vase with lukewarm water and flower food. After 24 hours the flowers will be at their strongest and ready to use. Never leave flowers in direct sunlight, near a radiator or near fruit. A cool place is always best.

Thanks again to Janet and Laura from Voila Florists Clitheroe

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