Flower Power Thursday: Thlaspi

Flower Power Thursday: Thlaspi

Flower Power Thursday: Thlaspi

Thlaspi a beautiful dainty whispery soft green foliage (so not a flower again this week). Thlaspi generally used as a bouquet filler it’s feathery look would add a soft green touch and a very natural look to your wedding flowers. However I don’t see why you could not used Thlaspi on it’s own it’s little heart shaped green seed pods are so dainty I think it would work specially if your theme is simple and fresh. Remember it’s best to check with your florist for availability. As always a big Thank you to the ladies from Voila Florist in Clitheroe. Oh yes there is lots of inspiration over on my Pinterest Flower Power Thursday Board¬†too so don’t forget to have a look xx Kirsten xx

Thlaspi foliage from Voila Florist Clitheroe
Thlaspi foliage flower power thursday
Thlaspi foliage from Voila Florist

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