My Little Office

My little office

As some of you may know this was the year I took that leap of faith and started my own full time photography business. One of the first things I needed to was to make my little office. I’d bought a 70’s bureau wich was to be my desk for a while situated in my bedroom. I can’t say I liked being able to get out of bed and straight to work. So I started creating my office the spare room, which had become a place to put things that I had no room for any where else. After cleaning, filling a few holes and cracks in the walls & I think 3 coats of white paint, my little office was starting to take shape.

small office, small working space, my little office
While working at the bureau in my bedroom for a while I realised it just wasn’t the right hight for sitting at all day. The search started for another desk not easy when you only have limited space – too big – too small – too wide. Eventually I found an old table in the local YMCA store (the same place I found my 70’s bureau) Ray and I sanded down the table to reveal a beautiful oak grain we finished off with a little teak oil…. it’s perfect!
My little office, small work place, small office

However after all that my computer screen was too low, Ray to the rescue he’s made me a very handy set of desk top draws, brilliant for keeping all those bits and bobs. An old pine set of draws were acquired from another charity place, just right for my printer to sit on. My office is a mishmash of different furniture but some how it works. I now have a place to work and at the end of the day I can close the door – Perfect I love my little office.

small office space, little office

My Grandmas’s mirror now has somewhere to hang

Office money plant, jade plant, friendship tree, succulent, Crassula ovata

A have a few plants in my office my mum gave me this little cutting

Office pink blue and purple pens, paper clip tree

I love bright coloured pens they certainly cheer up my day, the paper clip tree was from Muji (not sure if they still sell them)
ps. The pencil pot is something that has survived from my childhood

Shelving for all our books ( Ray made the shelves too)
my Granddad’s Polaroid

So this is where I sit, I can assure you it’s not always this tidy but I do try. xx