Out Of My Comfort Zone

Out of my comfort zone

Every now and then we are pushed in a different direction “out of your comfort zone’ sometimes it’s circumstance, by request or perhaps by mistake (a good mistake). However how it happens it’s a challenge and I guess it’s up to you to embrace it.
Last year my friend Caroline asked if I would be happy to film her wedding… just the service, speeches and first dance. I had done a little filming on my iPad but filming with my camera was another learning curve….. with only a a couple of weeks to get to grips with filming I said yes and started to immerse myself with youtube tutorials and Practise.
Well I have to say the result isn’t perfect but I feel I managed to capture the moments and the feel of the day. I really enjoyed learning a new skill something I’d like to develop/learn a little more always learning always growing…. who knows where this may lead! xx Kirsten xx Here’s the link to the film if you fancy a watch