Romantic Garden Handfasting Ceremony

Romantic Garden HandfastingA Romantic Garden Handfasting Hannah and Ali

It should have been their wedding day 20th June 2020 but these are very unusual times that we are living in. This moment has never happened before and will never happen again. Hannah and Ali still wished to celebrate and make the occasion special, with a romantic garden handfasting ceremony. An intimate gathering of just their parents while family and friends followed along with the celebrant from Wildflower Ceremonies on zoom.

A little info about Handfasting that I’ve found on the internet

In medieval times, handfasting represented the betroth (or engagement to me married). Hands are tied together with ribbon or cord symbolising they are bound together. This is probably where tying the knot has come from. For Hannah and Ali it’s a commitment they are making to each other before they make their wedding vows in the future.

Hannah and Ali got ready together

When Ray (who’s videoing the day) and I arrived there was a feeling of nervous excitement , the nerves soon disappeared and Joy and happiness took its place. We were lucky to be able to take a few photos before setting off to Hannah’s parents. The garden was so pretty, decorated with dreamcatchers, candles and amazing flowers. To top it all the weather was perfect.
Two beautiful, kind and humble people who are so very much in love. Had the most romantic garden handfasting ceremony they could wish for.

Thank you Hannah and Ali for asking Ray and I to document such a beautiful moment in your lives – we are so honoured!
We wish you a wonderful year of looking forward to your new wedding date Kirsten and Ray xx
Ray’s Film
[videoembed type=”vimeo” ratio=”sixteen_by_nine” url=”″ width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”yes” align=”aligncenter” loop=”no”]

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this day so very special

Ceremony – Wildflower Ceremonies
Cake – Ali’s mum
Rings – Made with LOVE in Lancashire
Flowers – Lois Spurgeon – Country Girl Flowers
Necklace  – Mother Moon Crystals
Missi’s Bandanna – Wren & Rye
Video – Ray Walmsley
Photography – Kirsten Platt

PS Hannah is a talented wedding singer here’s a link to her website  – Hannah Rose Music