Rossall Beach – Jake

Rossall Beach – Jake

Rossall Beach – Jake

Just before Christmas you know when we had all those drizzle days. I was booked for a lifestyle photoshoot over on the Flyde coast Rossall Beach to be precise.Yes short dark days and rain you could be put off, however little Jake loves the beach and sea no matter what so we embraced the day and I’m so glad we did.

Jake at Rossall beach

Meet Jake.

I met Jake and his Mum at Rossall beach a place I’ve probably not been to since I was little myself…
I definitely intend to return again this year for a walk along this pebbly beach.

The bigger the stone the better for throwing into the sea.

As you can see there are plenty of pebbles to choose from.

Running away from the waves… do you remember doing this?

Find a stick and make patterns in the sand.

Or just wonder off in your own world

Thanks to Carole and Jake for braving the elements and making moments to treasure Kirsten xx

To find Rossall Beach click here

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