Scout Scar Kendal Helen and Sam

Scout Scar Kendal Helen and Sam

Sam and Helen a match made in the 1940’s / 50’s – Well sort of, they both share a love of vintage and they do it Oh so well. Their home and lifestyle reflect this passion beautifully. Helen an artist / illustrator own’s her own screen printing business click here for a nosey.
Psst ‘So if you are looking for unique/bespoke vintage invites you know where to go.’

Back to our day at Scout Scar…. it was a bright day with stormy clouds, chilly and extremely windy, Mr weather man had forecasted rain too. However we still ventured out to Scout Scar Kendal a place I’d never been to before I can now recommend it too the views are pretty amazing… and so were Helen and Sam xx

Thanks Helen and Sam for such a lovely afternoon Kirsten xx. (Thanks for tea too yum)
If you would like to visit Scout Scar here’s the link. Also Helen’s screen printing at Hello Memo … Click here An earlier blog about Helen’s screen printing if you fancy a read Click here.

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