Green Lane Farm

Green Lane Farm

I really can’t call it green lane farm… it’s always been ‘The Spensley’s Farm’ to me.

Around this time last year I was contacted by a long distance friend in Australia, someone I’ve not seen since my childhood…. but through the powers of Facebook we’ve been in touch for quite a while . It was a request to photograph their Dad’s (Alan) farm he’d worked there from the tender age of 14 and was retiring later that year. If a farmer really can retire in my opinion farming isn’t just a job it’s a way of life.
I took loads of photos over a couple of months … in fact there are way too many to choose from, so please forgive me there will be a lot of photos in this blog post, as I have many fond memories of this place and surrounding fields from my childhood to this present day.[

I started taking photos of Spensley’s farm in early Spring, it’s lovely to see how the season changes through the photos I’ve taken.

I wanted Alan to feel he was back on his farm through the photos I’d taken, so I took photos of the door handles gates and tools he would have used on an everyday basis.


These Jersey cows certainly weren’t camera shy!
Those of you who have worked on a farm know there is a lot of POO!
I then spotted the work sheds…. I could have spent hours in there!
Time to head off down the fields
Imagine having this view on your way to work everyday.
Spensley’s farm just nestles under Pendle hill – Lancashire Ribble Valley.
Swanside bridge
The next couple of times I visited the farm Spring had truly sprung!
When I was little this wooden bridge didn’t quite look like this and it was known in our family as the ‘Trolls Bridge’.

Spensley’s Farm beautiful in all seasons…but especially Spring.

I think you can tell I really enjoyed this project (job) from Alan’s children, they had the photos made into a book for his Birthday and I’ve since heard it’s been well received 🙂
Thank you for asking me to document such a wonderful part of your Dad’s life on the farm.
Kirsten xx