The Out Barn Wedding Photography – Lucy and Ryan

The Out Barn Wedding Photography – Lucy and Ryan

The Out Barn Wedding Photography
Lucy and Ryan have been together seven year (8 now). They celebrated their wedding at The Out Barn which was filled  with family and friends, so much love, happiness and many hugs!
Family and friends was definitely the priority of the day. Photos of guests enjoying themselves and lots of laughter. Lucy and Ryan wanted to spend as much time as they could with everyone and as little time as possible having photos taken. The few group photos taken were relaxed and casual, more or less spontaneous you could say.
Lucy and Ryan are surrounded by so much love. They have their priorities right in my option, family and friends are the jewels in our lives and spending time with them is so very precious.

We left Ryan and Lucy after the speeches, food was served in-between speeches which kept us on our toes.
Thank you Ryan and Lucy for asking Ray and I to document your very special day it was an honour! xx Kirsten & Ray xx

Grandma a special lady who watched the wedding on the internet.
This was a wedding full of so much love and many hugsThe moment Lucy sees her Grandma watching the wedding.Grandma very much included in the day’s celebrations The Out Barn Wedding Photography

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Thank you to all the wedding suppliers who helped to make Lucy and Ryan’s wedding day so special.

The Suppliers

Venue – The Out Barn
Dress – Love Bridal Boutique
Food – Pig and Rhubarb
Video – Ray Walmsley Films
Photography – me Kirsten Platt