Do You Use Pinterest

Do you use Pinterest?

I love Pinterest my online scrapbook of wishes, dreams, inspirations and things to do and make. It’s my cheer up place, I can go window shopping and spend nothing and it feels good. So I have quite a few things in my to do and make section and thought it was about time to have a go at one of them. However I have to admit this is not the first time I have attempted to make this lace doily candle holder, I failed the first time by using paper doilies oops, I eventually found some crocheted doilies in a local shop, here’s my attempt at making a lace doily candle holder.

I used wallpaper glue/paste however next time I think I would try sugar starch

Cover the doily with the paste/glue and shape over the balloon

These took quite a long time to dry infact overnight, specially where the lace doilies have overlapped.

Pop the balloon once the doilies are dry.
I placed a tea light in a glass ramekin I thought perhaps it would be a little safer than putting the tea light straight onto the doilies.

Do you use Pinterest? here’s a link to mine