Working Alone

Well how time flies it’s roughly 7 months since I took the giant leap to start my own business – following my dream being a full time photographer. So how’s it going? I’d be lying if I said business was booming (well Rome wasn’t built in a day) I’d be telly porky pies if i said it was easy! However I’d be telling the truth to say I’m loving it, I love what I do, the freedom to manage my own hours and enjoy the sunshine when it happens and work longer hours when it suits.
Yes sometimes working alone means some days I am lonely – after working in a busy open plan office where there was lots of office chatter I have to say it’s taken a bit of getting used to, a day may go by and I’ve not uttered a word to anyone (apart from myself).
So I’ve been making the effort to pop to the shop or meet a friend for a coffee break. I’ve also transported my office to my sisters which meant I could extend my stay with out feeling guilty, I’ve also worked from Rays which has been great.
However – sometimes you just need to work with like minded people. So I set up office for a couple of days in my fellow photographer dining room. We worked well together bouncing ideas and Just getting on with what needed to be done. Well there was a little wine in the evening to help with the creative juices.
I was also treated to some freshly cut garden flowers in my room, it felt like shear indulgence- try it – it’s lovely. x

Lilac flowers Lilac flowers